Our History


In 1982 a family business has been established through Trading Services office specializing in the wholesale business, food, detergents and in short period of time the business earned the trust of the market and build a strong client base as a group, such as Panda Trading Group, Al- Othaim and Saudi Arabian Airlines. In addition to that, dealing contracts with the Royal palaces and the ancillary facilities.

Few years later the family business has started growing and developing by opening several Housewares showrooms including the first glass gilding laboratory.

Expanding of business has then been accorded, which then converted to a commercial enterprise for import and export, possessed some brands of rice, canned legumes, as well as cleaning materials to be marketed on the local and regional markets.

In early 2001, a manufacturing plant was developed specialized in cleaning materials such as dry and liquid, later on- followed by the establishment of other plastic factory specializes in plastic hoses, electrical vacuum cleaners pipes, to be the first in Saudi Arabia and producing for various -brands such as Sony & Panasonic.

In subsequent years, the trading establishment had taken a lead position in the field of import, export & distribution of food products, with registered trademarks, beside the manufacturing operations, where in 2005 it was converted to a company bearing the name «Kingdom Sama Holding Group».

In 2006 the Group established Kingdom Sama Factory for asphalts & refining oil, specializes in petroleum products and waterproofing of buildings and roads. The factory has managed to source of finding a niche in the local market and having many of the privileges conferred by the export of material to the outside Saudi Arabia. Including that the factory has contracts with multiple top construction companies in Saudi Arabia such as Bin Laden and Riyadh Metro Project.

To open a variety of markets and enter into distinct areas, in 2009 Kingdom Sama for supplies has been established which operates in the supply for government agencies and Civil companies, later on specialized in supplying all onboard services. In 2013 the Makheela Trading Company separated from the group attribute of Kingdom Sama Holding Group, which now Makheela owns under its management company features Kingdom Sama for supplies, Khuta for construction, and Nukote Company.